Have You Thought About Teaching Physics?

If you are a student in Science or Engineering at NC State, you got here because some high school teachers inspired you and taught you well. Have you ever thought about how they changed your life?

North Carolina has a shortage of qualified high school physics teachers and as a result a lower percentage of high school students take the courses that will prepare them for careers in science and engineering.


In the PhysTEC program we introduce science and engineering students to teaching, especially physics teaching. They learn through a course taught by Physics and STEM Education faculty and also serve as Learning Assistants for the PY 205-208 courses. This is a great opportunity to explore teaching as a career path, while gaining valuable communication skills.

Whether you become a high school teacher or an engineer for a company or a research scientist in a lab, you will be a teacher. Your students will be your co-workers, employees and customers. So participating as a PhysTEC Learning Assistant can enhance your professional preparation.

If you are interested, please read on about the PhysTEC program, what the Learning Assistants do, and how to become a high school physics teacher.